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Supervision for CEDRD Candidates

Fee Schedule
  • $ 150.00 per 50 minute hour
  • via Paypal
Visit Format
  • Facetime, zoom, or phone
Philosophical grounding: 
Weight correction and internal regulation are only part of the eating disorder recovery goal.  Restoring positive eating attitudes, managing meals and snacks to take care of oneself with food and ultimate incorporation of a wide variety of foods represents full recovery.  Eating disorders affect the whole family, for quite a while. It's important to support these goals for our patients and for the family members who do not have an eating disorder but are still developing eating competence for themselves.
Over the years I have come to understand that relying on parents to feed their children in recovery presents some challenges.  Many adults have developed their own conflict and anxiety around eating which may affect their ability to feed their child in eating disorder recovery.  Parents may need more support in this challenging endeavor.  And other family members need a protective environment for themselves to preserve their normalized eating patterns.
My work with The Ellyn Satter Institute offers a unique skill set which includes thorough understanding of eating competence,  how to utilize the feeding approach; Satter Division of Responsibility in feeding in treatment and to embrace it as a protective factor for other children and family members in the home.  Working towards eating competence closes the treatment gap.     
I look forward to working with Registered Dietitian's who are willing to take care of the whole family when care planning for their patients. 
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